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Six Word Saturday

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Purr practice started early this morning!


credit Constance Shields

Before I woke up this morning I was having a great dream–but in the dream I kept getting distracted from the plot (I generally have dreams with very involved storylines!) by the sound of an air conditioner–a very loud air conditioner. I finally woke up to discover that my cats were curled up on either side of my pillow–and that the air conditioner noise was actually the sound of both of them purring away like it was their job–which I suppose it is! If there’s a better way to wake up on a Saturday, I don’t know what it is.

I hope you’ve had a pleasant start to your Saturday! What are your plans for the weekend? Please share!


Six Word Saturday

Click here to play along!

Click here to play along!

Pretty much the best dog ever!

SebastianThis is Sebastian—he’s my parents’ dog. They adopted him about three years ago from the local pet rescue. I see him about every month or so when I visit them, and when I walk in the door he always acts as though I am the most exciting, fabulous creature he’s ever laid paws on.

When I’m not around, he’s definitely my mom’s dog and he always wants to be sure of where she is and what she’s doing. However, when my dad had major surgery about a year ago, Sebastian wouldn’t leave his side for the first few days after he got home from the hospital. Somehow, he just knew that my dad needed a little extra attention and protection. He also regularly defends both of my parents from dangerous threats such as squirrels and empty bags when they’re taking walks.

I love my two cats to pieces, and I’d love to have a dog, too—but  I’m just not home enough and my house isn’t big enough for myself, the cats, and another four-legged mammal.  So I just satisfy myself with spending time with Sebastian as I did yesterday and this morning–giving him belly rubs, cuddling with him on the couch, and telling him what a handsome boy he is, and that he’s the best dog ever.

As a side note–I know that those of you who have your own dogs are thinking “Nope–MY DOG is pretty much the best dog ever!” And that is just as it should be! Whatever would we do without our pets?

What about you? What are you thinking about on this fine Saturday? Please share!