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What are you currently reading?


I’ve read a couple of  Tom Perrotta’s novels and I thought they were just OK–but I’m enjoying “Nine Inches: Stories”  a lot. So far I’ve read five of the ten. The common theme is everyday people trying to make sense of their lives in everyday suburbia. They’re definitely not lighthearted–these characters are dealing with some issues–but they’re good short character studies. If you’re at all into modern short story collections, I’d suggest giving this one a try.

What did you recently finish reading?


I may have to write a separate post about “Eleanor & Park” on another day–there’s so much to say. This book has had so much buzz about it since it came out this past spring that I was prepared not to be impressed. I figured it couldn’t live up to all the hype.

I was wrong. I LOVE being wrong about things like this!

This is the most emotionally moving book I’ve read in a long time. It’s classified as a Young Adult novel, but it’s not just for teens. It will take you right back to high school when you fell in love hard for the very first time–and is there ANY love that hits you like a truck the way that your first high school love did? There were lines of dialogue here that made me laugh out loud, and there were times when I was literally weeping at the sheer emotions that were being experienced by the two main characters–and conveyed so simply and so brilliantly be the author.

There’s probably going to be a movie based on this book at some point, but I’m not sure if I’ll see it. I know EXACTLY what these characters look like and what they sound like, and there’s no way that the pictures on the screen are going to measure up to the pictures that the author has painted inside my head. There just isn’t anything about this book that I didn’t love.

There’s been some controversy about this book (mainly due to some profanity), and it’s been challenged in a school district in Minnesota–but that’s all for a post on a different day. I’ll just say now that I think this book should be read by teens, by parents of teens, by adults who work with teens, and by anyone who remembers–or needs to remember–what it’s like to try to make your way through high school with dignity and self respect. This is a wonderfully entertaining and very moving book.

What do you think you’ll read next?

show me a story

On to something lighter! My reading plans can change on a whim, but right now I’m thinking I’ll be reading “Show Me A Story! Why Picture Books Matter.”  It contains interviews with 21 well known children’s book authors/illustrators. I work in publishing, I still like reading children’s books, and I’m always interested in the thought processes of writers, so I’m hoping that this will be an interesting read.

Have a great reading week, everyone!

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Waiting On Wednesday–From Scratch: Inside the Food Network

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Waiting On Wednesday is a weekly meme that spotlights upcoming book releases.

Here’s one of the books that I’m anxiously waiting on:

from scratch

I love to read,  I love to cook, and I’ve been watching the Food Network for years– so I’m eagerly awaiting From Scratch: Inside The Food Network–the release date is October 1, 2014.

Here’s the synopsis from

Big personalities, high drama—the extraordinary behind-the-scenes story of the Food Network, now about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary: the business, media, and cultural juggernaut that changed the way America thinks about food.

In October 1993, a tiny start-up called the Food Network debuted to little notice. Twenty years later, it is in 100 million homes, approaches a billion dollars a year in revenue, and features a galaxy of stars whose faces and names are as familiar to us as our own family’s.

Based upon extensive inside access, documents, and interviews with hundreds of executives, stars, and employees all up and down the ladder, Allen Salkin’s book is an exhilarating roller-coaster ride from chaos to conquest (and sometimes back). As Salkin takes us inside the conference rooms, studios, homes, restaurants, and after-hours meetings, we see a salty Julia Child lording it over the early network performers; a fragile Emeril Lagasse staggering from the sudden public shock of cancellation; a very green Rachael Ray nearly burning down the set on her first day; a torn Tyler Florence accepting the Applebee’s job he knows he can’t refuse, but with a chill running down his spine; a determined Bobby Flay reinventing himself once again to survive.

Paula Deen, Tom Colicchio, Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, Jamie Oliver, Martha Stewart, Guy Fieri, Cat Cora: Salkin illuminates the people we thought we knew, and the ones we never knew about, in this irresistible story of the intersection between business, television, pop culture, food—and us.

Any fellow Food Network fans out there? Find a copy of this book next month and share what you think!