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WWW Wednesday–3/26/14


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relishI don’t think I’ve ever read any books written in the graphic format before–but I LOVED reading Relish: My Life In The Kitchen by Lucy Knisley! I really like to cook, and I adore reading about food and cooking, so this book is right up my alley! It contains the author’s memories of growing up as the daughter of a chef and gourmet, as well as thoughts about how our experiences with food help make us who we are. Plus—there are recipes! (I’m definitely going to try her recipe for carbonara!) I thought the format of the book might be distracting, but Knisley’s charming drawings PERFECTLY complement her text, and I simply love her writing voice! I borrowed this book from my local library, but I know I’ll be buying my own copy soon to add to my collection of food writings. I’ll say it one more time—I LOVED THIS BOOK!


no one could have guessedNo One Could Have Guessed The Weather by Anne-Marie Casey is a novel about Lucy, a native Londoner who relocates with her husband and two young sons  to New York City after they suffer a financial crisis. The story covers her friendship with three NYC women and her growing love for her new home city. I’m in the mood for a good friendship novel, and so far I’m enjoying this one.


As usual, I have absolutely no idea what I’ll be in the mood for when it’s time to pick another book!

How about you? Have you read either of these? What did you think about them? What have you been reading lately? Please share!

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I love books, reading, writing, cooking, eating, reading while eating, and sharing thoughts about all of the above–plus a bit more! I usually post about topics relating to books and literacy during the week, and then participate in a variety of non-bookish memes on the weekend. Please feel free to join in! Some random things about me– –I have multiple bookshelves in every room of my home except the bathroom. They’re all filled to bursting. They help to make my house my home. –I have two cats who I love dearly, but who I definitely do NOT dress in human clothing. Ever. –I’ve never had a cavity. –I make a mean spaghetti sauce. –I’m a newcomer to yoga and I love it. –My day is not complete without a little chocolate.

13 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday–3/26/14

  1. I will have to check out Relish: My Life in the Kitchen! I have heard good things about it already from a couple of other people. It seems like a really fun read!

    My WWW-

  2. The name ‘Lucy Knisley’ sounded very familiar to me, so I googled it and found out she’s the person who made these amazing Harry Potter drawings! I’ve written down the title so I can check it out soon!

    My WWW –

  3. I haven’t read any of these books! I hope you have a great reading week. 🙂

  4. You should check out Lucy Knisley’s other books, too. French Milk is delightful. (Full disclosure: I was Lucy’s dance teacher before she and her mom moved upstate so I’m biased in her favor.)

  5. Relish sounds fun. I don’t read many graphic ones either.

    Hope you’ll visit me at

  6. Come to think of it, I haven’t read a graphic book either. I should do that 😀

  7. Your current book looks sweet! Hope you’re enjoying 🙂

  8. I’ve seen Relish recommended on a blog before, and it looks really pretty. I might just have to check it out.

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