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The Little Bookstore of Big Stone GapI just finished The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book by Wendy Welch, It’s a very “cozy” book about a couple who start a used bookstore from scratch–and in their actual home!– in the small Appalachian town of Big Stone Gap, Virginia. The author and her husband started their book store with virtually nothing but a love of books and a desire to be a part of their new community, and the book tells the story of their successes, setbacks, challenges, and the many folks they meet along the way. Woven into all of that is information about how used books are valued, how store events affect the success of a bookstore, and the ongoing issue of how eReaders will affect bookstores as we know them today. If you’re a cat lover, the chapter on the couple’s resident bookstore cats is well worth reading the price of the book! If you’re looking for a comforting, relaxing read to get through these cold winter days, give this book a try!


noraI’m slowly making my way through The Most of Nora Ephron, a huge collection of essays, columns, blog entries, screenplays, and scripts. The book even includes the full text of her famous novel, Heartburn. I say “slowly” because I’m trying my best to truly savor these selections. I miss Nora Ephron’s voice tremendously since her death last year, and this collection reminds me why I appreciated her writing and her humor so much. I’m especially enjoying her longer pieces–her take on figures past and present in the women’s movement, her essays on restaurants, food, and famous chefs, and her moving memories of her rather turbulent family life. Her honest pieces about body image deserve mention as well. I’ll be sorry when I get to the end of this book.


I have absolutely no idea! I’ve got a pile of contenders, but who knows what I’ll be in the mood for next?

How about you? Have you read either of these? What did you think? What are you reading this week? Please share!

Author: bookmammal

I love books, reading, writing, cooking, eating, reading while eating, and sharing thoughts about all of the above–plus a bit more! I usually post about topics relating to books and literacy during the week, and then participate in a variety of non-bookish memes on the weekend. Please feel free to join in! Some random things about me– –I have multiple bookshelves in every room of my home except the bathroom. They’re all filled to bursting. They help to make my house my home. –I have two cats who I love dearly, but who I definitely do NOT dress in human clothing. Ever. –I’ve never had a cavity. –I make a mean spaghetti sauce. –I’m a newcomer to yoga and I love it. –My day is not complete without a little chocolate.

7 thoughts on “WWW Wednesdays

  1. I’ve never read any Nora Ephron, can you recommend anything? Here’s my link for the week

    • If you’ve never read her, honestly I’d check your library for the title I mentioned in this post–it’s a huge book, but gives you a great overview of all of her different subjects and formats. If you want something a bit less enormous, you can try her most well known novel, “Heartburn”–which is a thinly disguised account of her real-life divorce, or you can try a fairly recent collection of essays called “I Feel Bad About My Neck.” Of course, if you’ve seen the movie “When Harry Met Sally” or “Sleepless In Seattle”, you already have an idea about her writing style because she wrote those screenplays! If you give her a try, I hope you enjoy!

  2. I love Nora Ephron! I don’t know if I could handle such a big volume of her work all at once, though.

  3. Nora Ephron’s book seems really interesting. I’ll go check that out. I love this link-up, not only do I find new books to read but also discover so many great book blogs. 🙂 Btw, I like your I.D. “bookmammal” 🙂

  4. Interesting titles. I don’t know either, but ENJOY them and your week.

    Silver’s Reviews
    My W…W…W…

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