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Musing Mondays–Reading again . . . and again . . .


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Musing Mondays is a weekly meme hosted by MizB that asks you to muse about one of several “bookish” questions… or, you can just ramble on about anything you like that pertains to books! You can join in by clicking the graphic above. Go ahead–it’s fun!

Here’s my Musing Monday ramble for the week: 


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I’m a big re-reader—always have been. My parents always encouraged my love of reading when I was a kid, but one thing they never understood was my habit of re-reading books. My mom’s attitude was always along the lines of—“There are so many great books out there—why are you reading [insert title here] for the fifth time?”

I’ve always found it very comforting to re-read a book I’ve enjoyed in the past. In fact, when I’m going through a stressful time, or when I’m overtired, I tend to pick up a familiar book rather than a new title. I can vividly remember looking through my books the night before a doctor’s appointment that I’d been dreading—I passed up a stack of new books from the library in favor of a well-loved novel by Beth Gutcheon. There’s something about re-reading an old, predictable favorite that calms me. It’s kind of like going to lunch with an old friend—there aren’t going to be any surprises, but you know you’re going to have a good time.

There are some books on my bookcases that I bet I’ve read at least five times or even more, such as a couple of novels by Jodi Picoult and some books of essays by Anna Quindlen. There are some books with whole passages that I can recite from memory. I think this is part of the reason why I feel that I must own books that I like—I never know when I’m going to want–or need–to read them again.

How about you? Are you a re-reader, or is once enough for you? If you do re-read, what are some titles that you’re read multiple times? Please share!

Author: bookmammal

I love books, reading, writing, cooking, eating, reading while eating, and sharing thoughts about all of the above–plus a bit more! I usually post about topics relating to books and literacy during the week, and then participate in a variety of non-bookish memes on the weekend. Please feel free to join in! Some random things about me– –I have multiple bookshelves in every room of my home except the bathroom. They’re all filled to bursting. They help to make my house my home. –I have two cats who I love dearly, but who I definitely do NOT dress in human clothing. Ever. –I’ve never had a cavity. –I make a mean spaghetti sauce. –I’m a newcomer to yoga and I love it. –My day is not complete without a little chocolate.

13 thoughts on “Musing Mondays–Reading again . . . and again . . .

  1. I am not a re-reader, however, I like reading books based on Jane Austen’s books. It makes me feel like I am visiting old friends, but with a bit of a different twist.

  2. I wouldn’t consider myself a re-reader, there are only a couple of books I read again–some Maeve Binchy favorites.

  3. I do the same. There are books on my favorites shelf that show the wear from re-reading. Here is my MM

    • Same here–several of my books look very well-loved from being re-read so often. But I’d hate to replace them with fresh copies–there are memories in between those covers!

  4. I love rereading! This year I tried to not reread as many (and I think I succeeded…) because my to read list was getting so large, but I do absolutely love going back and getting a chance to reconnect with characters I know and love. It’s great for when you’re feeling under the weather – physically, emotionally, or mentally – and really does help make you feel better rather than reading something you’re not sure you’re going to like.

    My favorite rereads are probably Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and A Series of Unfortunate Events. I do have others I like rereading, but not as much as them. With Harry Potter, I also sometimes listen to the audiobooks rather than reading the book myself because of how much I love Jim Dale’s voice. He really did a tremendous job narrating them! I want to look into Stephen Fry’s versions sometime, though.

  5. I love re-reading. I have this habit of marking my favourite lines in a book with pencil (so that the damage is less!). So sometimes i randomly pick up a book and go to those lines and re-live the feelings and emotions the books made me feel….once again 🙂

  6. I used to re-read a lot but rarely do these days. I’m clearly now a discoverer rather than a re-reader, funny how things can change.

  7. I reread all the time! I do get carried away sometime, but some books have to be reread every year.

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