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The Most Famous Author From Every State!


Last month I featured the infographic “The Most Famous Book From Every State” from Business Insider. Today, the same source provides their take on the most famous author from each state. Click on the image to see the original article–which includes how they made their selections. How many state’s authors have you read? My tally is below the graphic.


I’ve read books written by 14 of the authors featured here:

Alabama–Harper Lee

Arkansas–John Grisham

California–John Steinbeck

Illinois–Ernest Hemingway

Indiana–Kurt Vonnegut

Maine–Stephen King

Michigan–Jeffrey Eugenides

Minnesota–F Scott Fitsgerald

Missouri-Mark Twain

Oklahoma–Ralph Ellison

Oregon–Beverly Cleary

South Carolina–Peggy Parish

Wisconsin–Laura Ingalls Wilder

Wyoming–Patricia MacLachlan

Who is your favorite author on this list? (I have to go with Hemingway and Cleary–which is quite an interesting pairing!) For my friends in the US–Are there other authors from your state who you feel should be included on the map? Please share!

Author: bookmammal

I love books, reading, writing, cooking, eating, reading while eating, and sharing thoughts about all of the above–plus a bit more! I usually post about topics relating to books and literacy during the week, and then participate in a variety of non-bookish memes on the weekend. Please feel free to join in! Some random things about me– –I have multiple bookshelves in every room of my home except the bathroom. They’re all filled to bursting. They help to make my house my home. –I have two cats who I love dearly, but who I definitely do NOT dress in human clothing. Ever. –I’ve never had a cavity. –I make a mean spaghetti sauce. –I’m a newcomer to yoga and I love it. –My day is not complete without a little chocolate.

7 thoughts on “The Most Famous Author From Every State!

  1. Hmmm… a few I don’t know.

  2. I have read 9 of the authors on there. I’m from Oregon and Beverly Cleary is one of my favorite authors. It might have to do with growing up reading her books. They were some of the first ones I ever read.

  3. I don’t know how many of these authors I’ve read books by, but I know for sure I haven’t read any books by the author from my home state, Philip Roth. Must get on that! And perhaps even finding more authors from New Jersey 🙂

    • The only author I know from New Jersey is Judy Blume–and I have absolutely NO IDEA how or why I know that!

      • *Laughs* Yeah, even though I read most of the ‘About the Author’ texts in books, I never really manage to keep that information in my head. It’s just fun to read after you’ve finished a book so you can go ‘interesting’ XD

        And I don’t even know if I knew that about Judy Blume!

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